Welcome to S & G Enterprises, Inc.

Welcome to S&G Enterprises, Inc. Since 1961 we have helped our customers save thousands of dollars using our unique lines of equipment to reduce their volume of hazardous and low-level radioactive waste streams. Contact Us Now! 1-888-RAM-FLAT

Specialty Waste Disposal Products

S & G ENTERPRISES, INC., offers unique solutions to special environmental waste disposal issues. We manufacture drum crushers and drum waste compaction equipment, as well as specialty machines for laboratories to destroy specimen vials and microscope slides.   We're a national and international distributor of complimentary specialty waste disposal equipment as well.

Ram Flat

RAM FLAT® Compactors allow their users to significantly reduce their costs to dispose of hazardous and radioactive waste. This is done by reducing the volume of the waste by compacting the material right into the drum.

Only interested in crushing empty drums? No problem.

Some of the RAM FLAT Compactor models are designed specifically to crush empty drums into metal pancakes.

But the real bonus is the ability to configure one RAM FLAT Compactor to both crush empties and to compact waste into drums.

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Crush Empty Drums
RAM FLAT drum crusher models are available for someone generating a few drums a day to the site that needs to crush hundreds of drums per day.

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Compact Waste Material in Drums
RAM FLAT waste compactors feature tall clearances above the drum allowing the operator to overfill the drums with waste material on every stroke.

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Buy Parts for my RAM FLAT
Go to our Order Online system to buy most parts and supplies for your equipment.

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Do you work for the Federal Government?
Most RAM FLAT Compactor models are assigned National Stock Numbers

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Are you looking for a forklift attachment, a handtruck or another device that will allow you lift, rotate or otherwise manipulate the drum?

S&G Enterprises, Inc. is a factory-authorized distributor of Morse Manufacturing Company – makers of innovative drum handling products since 1923.   Morse carries a complete line of drum handling equipment.

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Move, Lift or Pour Drums
Morse Drum Handling equipment features the most comprehensive product line of products to transport drums from one place to another.

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For commercial entities such as all businesses, government agencies, and non-profits Retail Stores, used aerosol cans are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly.

This is true in all fifty states and non-compliance can result in large fines. Newstripe offers the largest selection of aerosol can disposal products available. Aerosol can disposal and recycling is simple, easy, and safe using the AeroVent® by Newstripe.

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Destroy small vials by crushing and separating the liquid contents reducing the overall cost of product disposal.

Separate the liquid automatically as the Vyleater sends plastic or glass vial fragments to one destination while what used to be inside…  goes to another.

Content recovery is now practical when thousands of vials per day are in need of disposal.   The ability to easily collect liquid for sewer disposal or in bulk containers means reduced disposal costs.

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Retrieve Liquids from Vials
The Vyleater Vial Disposal System retrieves the liquid contents from many types of vials and small bottles used in laboratories and from pharmaceutical production lines.


An all-in-one solution to eliminate the cost and hassle of microscope slide disposal!

The SlydEater is the first machine to exclusively pulverize glass slides and obliterate any identification affixed to those slides. The unrecognizable mound of glass dust can be tossed into regular trash, not in medical or red bag waste or expensive sharps containers.

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SlydEater Slide Destruction System

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Destroy Laboratory Slides
The Slydeater effectively pulverizes microscope slides into unrecognizable dust. ID labels are also destroyed keeping your lab HIPAA compliant.

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