Standard Vyleater

The Standard Vyleater is the perfect solution for the research or production operation generating glass vials requiring destruction and separation.

Competence and economy are the reasons the real work in the Standard Vyleater is done by a special S&G roll crusher. This powerful device is adjustable for various vial sizes from ampoule up to a 4-ounce bottle to maximize the vial fragment. This improves liquid separation by minimizing the creation of small shards that make separation less efficient. The liquid is shaken loose from the crushed glass after dropping onto a vibrating screened surface. The totally enclosed stainless conveyor system discharges the vial fragments from one end while liquid exits from the other. When it comes to simplicity and economy, there is no other machine that can separate vials from contents as quickly and easily as the Vyleater.

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Hand-wheel adjusts Vyleater for different size glass vials.

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Heavy-Duty roller mill crusher to destroy glass vials.

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