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55E Drum Crusher

Crush up to 10,000 drums per year.

ats sports bettingAt 60,000 pounds of crushing force, the medium to heavy duty Model 55E can crush a steel drum down to a height of 4.5 inches tall.  It includes many of the same features of our top of the line Model 55A (including the identical hydraulic system) but is priced for the medium volume user.

Simple pushbutton operation and automatic cycling makes this machine ideal for a military installation, a pharmaceutical processor or a manufacturing plant.

The flexible control system even allows this machine to be customized for integration with a drum washing operation with programmable controls.

Like most RAM FLAT Compactors, the 55E can be converted into an inside-the-drum waste compactor by getting an extra compaction head sized for a 55-gallon drum.   You have the option of doing this now or years down the road.

  • 60,000 lbs.  hydraulic force for inside drum compaction/drum crushing
  • 5″ NFPA cylinder with 3.5″ chrome rods
  • .188 Steel Plate Crushing Chamber with 1″ thick base plate
  • 1″ Steel Compaction Head with reinforcing gussets
  • Positive Displacement Piston Pump for consistent cycle times

Models Available

Model 55E
10-HP TEFC pump motor
115V Electrical Control Circuit automatic pushbutton cycle
115V Electric Door Interlock
National Stock Number as supplied by the Defense Logistics Agency
NSN # 4540-01-367-6512

Model 55E-P

10-HP Class 1, Division 1, Group D explosion-proof pump motor
Non-sparking pneumatic Control Circuit with Automatic Pushbutton Cycle
Pneumatic Door Interlock
National Stock Number as supplied by the Defense Logistics Agency
NSN # 4540-01-367-6513

Model 55E-HY
10-HP Class 1, Division 1, Group D explosion-proof pump motor
Non-sparking hydraulic Control Circuit with Automatic Pushbutton Cycle
Hydraulic Door Interlock
National Stock Number as supplied by the Defense Logistics Agency
NSN # 4540-01-367-6514

Available Drum Crusher Accessories

  • Drum Handling : Move drums to and from the crusher
  • Explosion-Proof Controls : non-sparking hydraulic or pneumatic control circuits
  • Alternate Compaction Head - (CH) : Compact waste into the drum with the same machine
  • Bolt-On Crush Plate- (CP) : For quick change-out between crushing & compacting.
  • NEMA 4 Water Tight Enclosures : A must for outside installations
  • RAM BOTTOM LOCK Control : Keep plastic drums crushed
  • Air Filtration and Ventilation : Control dust & vapors
  • Liquid Containment : Control spills or leftover residue
  • Drum Piercing : Punch a hole through the top or all the way through the bottom.
  • Special Custom Options
Drum/Container Crushing**
Inside Drum Compaction**
Compaction Chamber Height38.0" / 96.5 cm50.0" / 127.0 cm
Compaction Chamber Width32.5" / 82.6 cm32.5" / 82.6 cm
Door Opening Width27" / 68.6 cm27" / 68.6 cm
Full Cycle Time41 sec.58 sec.
Machine Depth39" / 99.1 cm39" / 99.1 cm
Machine Width36" / 91.4 cm36" / 91.4 cm
Overall Machine Height103.0" / 261.6 cm128.0" / 325.1 cm
Electric Motor10 HP / 7.5 kW10 HP / 7.5 kW
Ship Weight Including Oil3140 Lb. / 1424 kg3440 Lb. / 1560 kg
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