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55A Drum Crusher

Continuous heavy-duty 55-gallon drum crushing.

ats sports bettingWhen your operation requires the best possible volume reduction with no down-time, the Model 55A is the drum crusher for you.   This unit is designed for 24/7 operation and is capable of crushing 200, 300 or even 500 drums per day.

The 85,000 pounds crushing force will reduce a 35 inch tall drum to a height of 3.5 inches tall – a 10:1 volume reduction!

The 3/8-inch thick rolled steel plate compaction chamber is virtually indestructible.   And, the tough positive-displacement piston pump and 10-HP motor guarantees a fast compaction cycle.   This emphasis on durability assures that this machine will last for years – in fact, we still have customers using their 55A even after 25 years!

Like most RAM FLAT Compactors, the 55A can be converted into an inside-the-drum waste compactor by getting an extra compaction head sized for a 55-gallon drum.   You have the option of doing this now or years down the road.

We can address ergonomic issues by automating the handling of the drums in and out of the crushing chamber.   Units have been built with programmable controllers to interface with drum washing and conveyor systems.

Have an idea for a custom machine? Chances are we’ve built it.  Virtually anything is possible with the RAM FLAT Compactor.

  • 85,000 lbs.  hydraulic force for inside drum compaction/drum crushing
  • 55AR & 85AR have extra large drum clearance for material overfill
  • 85AR for drums up to 85 gallons
  • 55A for drums to up 55 gallons
  • 6″ cylinder with 5″ chrome rod
  • Lateral support rods minimizes piston rod stress
  • .375 Steel Plate Crushing Chamber with 1.5″ thick base plate
  • 1″ Steel Drum Crushing Head with reinforcing gussets
  • Positive Displacement Piston Pump for consistent cylinder travel speed

Models Available

Model 55A
10-HP TEFC pump motor
115V Electrical Control Circuit automatic pushbutton cycle
115V Electric Door Interlock
National Stock Number as supplied by the Defense Logistics Agency
NSN # 4540-01-367-9510

Model 55A-P
10-HP Class 1, Division 1, Group D explosion-proof pump motor
Non-sparking pneumatic Control Circuit with Automatic Pushbutton Cycle
Pneumatic Door Interlock
National Stock Number as supplied by the Defense Logistics Agency
NSN # 4540-01-367-9511

Model 55A-HY
10-HP Class 1, Division 1, Group D explosion-proof pump motor
Non-sparking hydraulic Control Circuit with Automatic Pushbutton Cycle
Hydraulic Door Interlock
National Stock Number as supplied by the Defense Logistics Agency
NSN # 4540-01-367-9512

Available Drum Crusher Accessories

  • Drum Handling : Move drums to and from the crusher
  • Explosion-Proof Controls : non-sparking hydraulic or pneumatic control circuits
  • Alternate Compaction Head - (CH) : Compact waste into the drum with the same machine
  • Bolt-On Crush Plate- (CP) : For quick change-out between crushing & compacting.
  • NEMA 4 Water Tight Enclosures : A must for outside installations
  • RAM BOTTOM LOCK Control : Keep plastic drums crushed
  • Air Filtration and Ventilation : Control dust & vapors
  • Liquid Containment : Control spills or leftover residue
  • Drum Piercing : Punch a hole through the top or all the way through the bottom.
  • Special Custom Options
Drum/Container Crushing*
Inside Drum Compaction*
Compaction Chamber Height38.5" / 97.8 cm
Compaction Chamber Width32.5" / 82.6 cm
Door Opening Width27" / 68.6 cm
Full Cycle Time65 sec.
Machine Depth39" / 99.1 cm
Machine Width36" / 91.4 cm
Overall Machine Height106.25" / 270.0 cm
Electric Motor10 HP / 7.5 kW
Ship Weight Including Oil3525 Lb. / 1600 kg
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