RAM FLAT Drum Crushers

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Old drums taking up space?

Do you have a stack of empty drums in the backyard?

I know, I know you’ve been meaning to get rid of the drums but the scrap dealer won’t give you anything for them. Something about not knowing what’s inside. Plus, the pick-up charge is exorbitant for just a couple dozen drums.

Did you know if you crush the drum – the EPA considers the drum “empty” and now can be sold as scrap metal?

That’s where the RAM FLAT can help. We’ve been building our drum crushers for over 45 years and they are built to last. Whether you have just a few drums a week or a couple hundred a day, we have a drum crusher model to suit your needs.

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Crushed Drums using the RAM FLAT

Which machine is right for your operation?
A few questions to consider – then give us a call:

What types of drums are to be crushed?

What size drums are to be crushed?
30-gallon drums? 55-gallon drums? 85-gallon drums? Even larger?

Do you need to crush cans only? Click here.

Are there any special needs?
Dust or vapor control?
Explosion-proof installation?
Automated drum handling?
Remote control access?

Model 55SC Drum Crusher
Priced for the user generating up to about 2000, 55-gallon drums (or smaller) per year. The Model 55SC features 40,000 pounds to crush a drum down to 6.5 inches tall.

Model 55E Drum Crusher
At a powerful 60,000 pounds of compaction force, the 55E will crush up to 10,000 drums per year down to 4.5 to 5 inches tall. Maximum size drum: 55-gallon.

Model 55A Drum Crusher
For the heaviest and most demanding volume – the 55A will crush a 55-gallon drum down to 3.5 inches tall! This is a continuous use machine capable of operating around the clock every day.

Model 85AR Drum Crusher
For 85-gallon drum and smaller, the 85AR is a larger twin of the 55A with a chamber body wide enough to accommodate overpack drums.

Custom Built Drum Crushers
We have customized our crushers for drums up to 110-gallons and for high volume, automated drum handling.

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