Morse Drum Handling

Are you looking for a forklift attachment, a handtruck or another device that will allow you lift, rotate or otherwise manipulate the drum?

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S&G Enterprises, Inc. is a factory-authorized distributor (over 20 years) of Morse Manufacturing Company – makers of innovative drum handling products since 1923.   Morse carries a complete line of drum handling equipment.

Morse and S&G have the solution for your drum handling needs

  • Ergonomic material handling equipment – Drum and Barrel Handlers
  • Mobile-Karriers to lift, move, pour, rack, weigh, and palletize drums
  • Fork-Lift attachments to lift, pour and stack drums
  • Lift and pour drums below-the-hook
  • Mix contents of sealed drum with rotators
  • Drum faucets, pumps, bung wrenches, and heater

You get MORE with MORSE and S&G

  • The most extensive line of drum and barrel handlers in the industry
  • Morse has introduced virtually every major innovation in drum handling
  • We Focus exclusively on drum handling and barrel handling equipment
  • Custom versions for individual applications

The Morse Mfg. plant and resources include skilled employees and certified welders, CAD, computer controlled machining, and proprietary technology developed through more than 90 years of experience.

Drum Roll-out Dolly & Platform

ats sports bettingFor RAM FLAT customers who are compacting waste into a drum, the Drum Roll-Out Dolly & Platform makes it easy for the operator to move the drum in and out of the machine.   The drum rests on top of the Dolly and rolls in and out of the compaction chamber on spring-loaded ball wheels.

During compaction these ball wheels recede, enabling full compaction to take place while the drum is on the dolly.   An important ½-inch spacer plate is integrated on top of the Dolly base to support the underside of the drum and to minimize drum bottom distortion.

The Platform is a metal skirt bolted to the front edge of the RAM FLAT’s base plate.   This permits the operator to move the drums out a full 20 inches beyond the front of the compactor.

Raises, Transports, Rotates, Tilts and Drains Fully Loaded Drums

S&G Enterprises, Inc. is a factory authorized distributor of Morse Manufacturing Company – makers of innovative drum handling products.

In particular, two Morse drum trucks work well with our RAM FLAT Compactors: the Mobile Karrier and the Drum Spotter.   Both of these handtrucks are inexpensive alternatives to using a forklift to move drums on and off the RAM FLAT Drum Roll-out Dolly option.   These devices are not single purpose in that they can be used to move drums securely from place to place on casters.


Move, raise & tilt with the Mobile Karrier

The Model 80 Mobile-Karrier has a u-shaped frame that is wide enough to straddle the Roll-Out Platform.   With various models appropriate for steel, plastic or fiber drums, the operator securely straps the drum into a “saddle” mechanism.

ats sports bettingUsing mechanical leverage, the Mobile Karrier lifts the drum vertically without spilling the drum contents.   Once clear of the Roll-Out Dolly, the units heavy-duty casters allow the operator to securely transport the drum and safely lower it onto the floor.   The Karrier is rated to lift and move drums weighing up to 800 pounds and comes in several configurations depending upon the drum being lifted.

The Mobile-Karrier is much more than a drum truck.   It’s a drum handler with many extra features that make it more versatile and convenient!

The drum is secured in place using a chain/ratchet design that hugs the drum for lifting.   ats sports bettingIt supports the full weight of the drum and transports it upright to avoid spills.   Automatic handle-locks are designed for two-hand control to prevent unintentional lowering of the drum.

Unlocked, the drum may be turned end-over-end to agitate contents or tipped at an angle for draining.   Locked at horizontal, the drum can remain ready for dispensing.   Tilt-locks on each side may be used to keep the drum upright or horizontal.

ats sports bettingThe Model 80 Mobile Karrier is extremely easy to maneuver on its 8-inch hard, “MORTUF” roller bearing wheels and 4-inch ball- bearing swivel caster.   The frame is welded structural steel for long service.   You can be assured that Morse quality is built-in when you see the Morse name on the new solid steel drum holder.
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The Drum Spotter is fast

With a triangular-shaped frame, the Model 81 Drum Spotter approaches the Roll-Out Platform from one of the two corners.   This design also allows the Drum Spotter to also remove drums from a raised skid or pallet.   The Model 81’s double-hook quickly captures the upper chime of the drum with no adjustment necessary.

ats sports bettingLike the Mobile Karrier, the Drum Spotter uses mechanical leverage to lift the drum vertically without spilling the drum’s contents.   Moreover, once clear of the Roll-Out Dolly, the Spotter’s heavy-duty casters allow the operator to securely transport the drum and safely lower it onto the floor.   The Drum Spotter is rated to lift and move drums weighing up to 800 pounds.

Unlike the Mobile Karrier, the Model 81 Drum Spotter cannot tip the drum and it is not recommended for plastic and fiber drums.
ats sports bettingModel 81 Printable PDF Flyer


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